LV System

Fire Detection and Alarm System

We design addressable fire detection and alarm systems as per NFPA72 and AHJ requirements, and in accordance with project and design guidelines. Main/repeater fire alarm control panel, smoke/heat detectors, visual/audible strobes and manual call points are integral components of the system.

In accordance with the NFPA "cause and effect matrix", we provide interlocking/alarm arrangement for the safety of the property and its occupants, and for their safe egress using the voice evacuation system.

Further, emergency lighting is provided through UPS for all exit signs, staircase lighting and on all escape routes. Moreover, all exit signs are also provided with battery back up facility to ensure 100% reliability/operation during distress. We ensure that all alarm initiating and supervisory devices are individually addressable.

The following functional systems are interconnected to the Fire Alarm System:

  • Shutting down of Air Handling Units of the affected areas
  • Closing of smoke check doors for segregation of affected areas from non-affected areas
  • Start-up of pressurization fans
  • Start-up of smoke extraction fans (mechanical smoke control)
  • Public Address System
  • Grounding of all elevators

Public Address System

We customize the Public Address System for announcements and emergency voice evacuation as per the requirement of the installation. The system comprise of head end equipment, distribution equipment and reception equipment.

One of these key elements of the Public Address System design is to provide Digital Signal Processors (DSP). DSP multi-effect devices offer a huge range of sound processing options (reverb, delay, echo, compression, etc.) in a single unit.

  The public address system comprises equipment of sufficient capacity to ensure distribution of voice to various areas of the building with equal clarity. Public address components are provided with graduated priority. The system is integrated with the Fire Alarm System through necessary interfaces. Each floor constitutes a zone with selective floor-wise isolation facility.

Head end equipment in a PA system is divided into two elements - source and amplification. Source equipment includes microphones for public address. Additionally, message/alarm tone generators are used for emergency calls and evacuation. We select microphones of professional grade offering superior performance characterized by high sensitivity, minimum noise distortion and low sensitivity to feedback.

  The distribution equipment primarily comprises of line attenuators equipped with line transformers and rotary/digital controls.

The reception equipment comprises primarily of speakers of varying types depending upon area allocation and usage. We select the speakers for its designated use and the specific area of installation based upon our large experience of designing such systems and our close interaction with the operators.

Security System

We design low- profile, user-friendly, integrated security systems with camouflaged hardware using state-of-art technology with a near optimum blend of human resources, and a cost effective system which is evolved to provide basic protection and security cover for the assets within the premises. The system is designed to be discreet enough to blend with the ambience and yet be effective enough to achieve its basic goal of protection. The Security System comprises of perimeter protection for intruder detection, access control system and electronic surveillance.

Perimeter Protection System protects the outer perimeter of a building against unwanted intruders. This system acts as a deterrent once any person tries to intrude from the perimeter where the system is installed. Various options like sensor cabling, electric fence and IR sensors are specified for this system.

Customized Access Control provides physical control of people movement in the premises by restricting entry into specified areas.

For Electronic Surveillance purposes, indoor/outdoor type cameras are located at strategic points as per the challenges of the design and to maintain discreet positioning as required. These cameras are connected to either DVR or a server based system.